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Roland TD-50DP Electroni Drum V-Drums TD50 to TD-50X PD-140DS CY-18DR 3 sets

$ 2,000.00 USD

The TD-50DP is a package of the V-Drums flagship TD-50X with digital connectivity, the V-Pad Digital Snare PD-140DS, and the V-Cymbal Digital Ride CY-18DR, maximizing the potential of the TD-50X.

You can also add bass drums, toms, hi-hats, and crash cymbals to create your own original set using this package as the core. It's also a great way to upgrade your V-Drums kit.

The TD-50X is Roland's state-of-the-art V-Drums sound module with over 900 state-of-the-art tones and groundbreaking digital snares, digital rides, and digital hi-hats. Prismatic Sound Modeling technology gives you the experience of playing acoustic drums with an extremely natural response, depth of sound and delicate expressiveness. It has three digital pad inputs, as well as a wide range of analog trigger inputs as before. Various editing tools make it easy to build your own original sound, while using a wealth of professional connection terminals to enable almost everything related to music, from recording to a full-fledged live stage. ..


■ Number of drum kits: 100 (preset: 50 or more)

■ Number of tones: 900 or more

■ Effects

Pad compressor: For each pad

Pad equalizer: For each pad

Overhead microphone simulator

Room / reverb

Multi-effect: 3 systems, 38 types

Master compressor

Master equalizer

■ User sample

Number of user samples: Up to 500 (including user samples at the time of product shipment)

Sound length (total): monaural 24 minutes, stereo 12 minutes

File format that can be imported: WAV (44.1kHz, 16/24 bit)

■ Song player (SD card)

Audio file: WAV (44.1kHz, 16/24 bit), MP3

■ Recorder

Recording method: Real time

Maximum number of stored sounds: Approximately 40,000 sounds

Export file format: WAV (44.1kHz, 16 bits), SMF

■ Display

Graphic LCD 256 x 80 dots



■ External memory: SD card (SDHC compatible)

■ Number of USB audio recording / playback channels

Sampling frequency (original): 44.1kHz

Sampling frequency (using sampling rate converter): 96kHz, 48kHz

Recording: 32 channels

Playback: 32 channels

* To use USB audio, you need to change to vendor mode and use the vendor driver.

* When using Windows, except for ASIO, there are 10 recording channels and 4 playback channels.

■ Connection terminal

TRIGGER IN terminal x 14: TRS standard type (exclusive use with digital connection compatible pad)

DIGITAL TRIGGER IN terminal x 3: USB A type

MASTER OUT (UNBALANCED) terminal (L / MONO, R): Standard type

MASTER OUT (BALANCED) terminal (L, R): XLR type (balanced)

DIRECT OUT (BALANCED) terminal x 8: TRS standard type (balanced)

PHONES terminal x 2: Stereo standard type, stereo mini type

MIX IN terminal x 2: Stereo standard type, stereo mini type

MIDI (IN, OUT / THRU) terminal

USB COMPUTER terminal: USB B type (USB Hi-Speed AUDIO / MIDI, mass storage)

FOOT SW terminal: TRS standard type

AC IN terminal

■ Power supply: AC100V (50 / 60Hz)

■ Power consumption: 30W

■ External dimensions: 330 (width) x 255 (depth) x 118 (height) mm

■ Mass: 3.3kg

■ Accessories: Quick start (including warranty card), leaflet on how to install the ferrite core, power cord, ferrite core (including mounting band)

PD-140DS Dimensions

Width : 380 mm

Depth : 380 mm

Height: 160 mm

Weight: 4.9 kg

CY-18DR Main specifications

Size: 18 inches

Supported Techniques (Trigger) :

Bow shot (multi-step hitting point detection function, wide dynamic range)

Bell shot (wide dynamic range)

Edge shot (wide dynamic range)

Choke technique (edge choke, bow touch)

Sensor System :

Multi-element sensor system

Bow sensor x 3

Bell sensor

Edge sensor

Touch sensor

Built-in sensing processor

Connection Terminals :


(Compatible with any Roland drum sound source equipped with a DIGITAL TRIGGER IN jack)

Power supply : Supplied from DIGITAL TRIGGER IN jack (DC5V)

Current consumption : 90mA

Accessories :

User's Manual

Wing nut

Felt washer

Turn stopper

Connecting cable

Cable Tie

Optional accessories :

Cymbal mount (MDY series)

Cymbal parts set (CYM-10, one set included with this unit)

CY-18DR Dimensions

Width: 470 mm

Depth : 470 mm

Height: 55 mm

Weight: 2.1 kg

TD-50DP Main specifications

Accessories :

Drumstick holder

Setup guide