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Underwater Drone Fifish V6S

$ 1,650.00 USD

Basic characteristics:

✓ Free motion, Posture lock, 4K UHD, Ultra-wide-angle 162˚, Head tracking, 6h Battery life, 2h quick charge, 100 m depth rating, Ultra bright LED 4000 lumens, HDMI box (optional).

✓ Unlimited angles for underwater photography, and capable to produce the creative and revolutionary underwater footage.

✓ Moves laterally, forward & backward, up & down, as well as roll, pan and tilt. The player can also combine different movements, such as arc, nose dive, spiral etc.

✓ Customized Remote Control and VR Goggle Offers 3 Kinds of Flexible and Intelligent Control Modes. The robotic arm allows you to catch, drag and lift different objects from the sea.

✓ Includes: FIFISH V6S underwater robot, 2 chargers, 1 remote control, 100 m cable, coil, VR-glasses, robotic arm, instructions, carton box